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Pamela Dulaff

It seems like its been all my life that I've been a photographer (Pamela Eden Photography) and always said that while I could see the image in my mind, I didn't have the ability to draw or paint the image to paper. That began to change a couple years ago and then in early 2018 I really felt compelled to start painting! Little did I know how that would change my life! Starting an amazing new adventure for me! 


The internet and especially YouTube are wonderful. So much information for free. I quickly found several artists that are excellent instructors and I began painting in acrylics. Probably my favorite online instructor is Cinnamon Cooney "The Art Sherpa", others include Angela Anderson and Painting with Jane. After several months of Acrylic painting, I realized that if I wanted to easily paint "on the go", that I should look into watercolors. Again the Art Sherpa had some beginner tutorials for me, and I found several good books and other artists on YouTube.  (Favorites listed below in the Resources section).  My drawing skills need a lot of work, but tracing is a handy tool to use! I enjoy the more impressionistic & loose styles of painting that stimulate the imagination, rather than the realistic styles.  I've only just started with Pastels and only have attended 2 workshops this past month- so we are just getting to know each other. 

I've been a member of the Warren County ARTS organization for 20+ years in various roles and recently accepted the position of President.  We are a diverse group of artists in Northwestern New Jersey, with lots of photographers and a variety of artists of different medias, skill levels and interests. My role with the group also includes administering our social media and scheduling the monthly programs. Such a perfect opportunity to pick up new skills and share what I'm learning with the group! I've even taught a couple workshops on something that I've just learned! 

For many years I have created and sold small deskflip calendars of my photography, and now I think I'll also offer a calendar that will specifically showcase my favorite paintings for the year.  ($12 each includes shipping w/in the USA). I will ship internationally, but shipping will be additional.  If you are interested in receiving information when it is available (usually in the Fall of the preceding year). Fill in the contact form below.   

I have a store on to sell images of my photographs and artwork printed on various products. ALL SALES OF ART PRINTS ON PAPER, CANVAS, OR METAL PLUS TRAVEL MUGS, RUGS, TOTES, PILLOWS, CLOCKS, NOTEBOOKS, NOTE CARDS ARE HANDLED BY MY ONLINE STORE at  

If you are local to the Warren County New Jersey region and are interested in finding out more about the Warren County ARTS ( organization, fill in the comment box below and I'll email information to you. 

Check out my Photography website to see my Event schedule and if you are interested in signing up to be notified about availability of the 2020 Photography Deskflip calendar, please sign up at: Pamela Eden Photography


Useful books: 

  • 30 minute artist - Painting Flowers in Watercolor by Fiona Peart
  • Ready to Paint in 30 minutes - Trees & Woodlands in Watercolor by Geoff Kersey
  • Watercolour for the Absolute Beginner by Matthew Palmer
  • Ready to Paint - Vibrant Flowers in Watercolor by Fiona Peart
  • Take Three Colours - Watercolour Seascapes by Geoff Kersey
  • Take Three Colours - Watercolor Flowers by Julie King

Useful YouTube and/or UDemy Tutorials:

  • David Walker Artist
  • Mindy Lighthipe
  • The Art Sherpa
  • Angela Anderson
  • Painting with Jane
  • Bill Lupton
  • Alan Owen

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